Tuesday, November 10, 2009

CaptainCat masks featured At The NYC Wicker Man Event

Sometime in October we were contacted in regards to loaning our masks out to The Third Floor for their very special, one night only Wicker Man Event. a special screening of the original 1973 film, The Wicker Man. The director, Robin Hardy, was in attendance (from the UK), to present the film, do a Q & A, and to debut a teaser, footage from a new Wicker Man re-imaging he shot this past summer with Christopher Lee, called The Wicker Tree. Following the screening, Wooden Shjips (San Francisco band), Effi Briest (NYC band), and Silver Summit (NYC band), all played songs and interpretations of the original score composed by Paul Giovanni and by the original pagan folk songs, poems, and rituals that were the the basis for the film's score.
there was a reenactment of the maypole for the event, they had DJs spinning folk/acid/psych records, and the entire stage was decorated with flower chains. In turn, all of the members of The Third Floor, along with the bands, wore the may day colors of white and red, and were wearing animal masks (as in the final scene of the Wicker Man itself) and flower crowns. As anticipated the event was completely sold out. Here are a few photos from the ivent featureing CAPTAINCAT masks!!! Speacial thanks to Jacqueline Castel for the photos and for asking us to be a part of such an awesome event!

above: With the director Robin Hardy

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  1. October 31 2011 These Photographs of Bears, Raccoons and Labradors are perfect for this time of year. The koda-instant media camera "look" used is ideal to show a Scooby Doo, type persona which can easily hide any undesirable or overpowering characteristica humana. Ergh, ha ha ha.
    Very mod, but the masks are a little stiff maybe some satin and velvet would give a cuddlier "affectotem" or eyetotem?-Blurb. bye bye from 38,000 inchesblogger-burnbaby burn, but not the skiiin please just the toast.